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Why Choose a Premium Vaping Ejuice Product?

Why Choose a Premium Vaping Ejuice Product?

Oct 31 2016 Tags: e juice in dubai, e liquid dubai, tips for vaping, vape shop in dubai, vape store in dubai, vaping uae

Premium or regular ejuice?  Is there really a difference, other than cost?  There actually is.  The main ingredients used in ejuices are all pretty much the same – propylene glycol, glycerin, and nicotine.  But ah, the flavors.  That’s where the difference comes from. It can be hard to tell what makes a premium flavorant, since manufacturers are pretty cagey about their choice of ingredients.  After all, that’s akin to a trade secret.  You wouldn’t expect a restaurant to give away the recipe to the most popular item on the menu.  Ejuice makers are the same. That said, imported ejuices from...

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