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Black note provide a line of 10 premium tobacco only e-liquids that are all flavored using naturally extracted tobacco from around the world. The whole extraction process takes 6-8 weeks and involves a cold maceration process to extract the best flavor from the tobacco leaves. Ensuring no heat is involved in the extraction process, makes sure that the flavors do not turn out bitter and harsh. Instead the cold temperature ensures a softer more nuanced extract. You can read more about their tobacco extraction process on the Black Note Website .

For hundreds of years, the aging and extraction processes have been the essential components in helping tobacco achieve its rich, complex flavor notes. At Black Note, we use our own cold natural extraction process, allowing the tobacco’s natural flavors to develop slowly over a six to eight weeks period. Cold extraction ensures the flavors are never bitter, never harsh or sour and provides a smooth vape with no harsh “throat hit.” Once the extraction process is complete, all that’s left is the pure flavor of unadulterated, top-quality tobacco.” – Black Note Team







PRELUDE - A Virginia Tobacco Blend

Virginia tobacco sets the stage for the light, bright and naturally sweet taste of Prelude. Grown in the sandy plains surrounding the Italian Alps, Virginia tobacco leaves are flue-cured to...

Dhs 69.99

SONATA - a cavendish tobacco blend

Naturally sweet and bursting with robust flavors, Cavendish tobacco e-juice is produced by a specialized cutting and curing process that’s been in use for the past 400 years. Dark Virginia...

Dhs 69.99

CONCERTO - Cuban Cigar Blend - NEW !

High-quality cigar tobacco delivers flavor notes that range from slightly sweet to mildly spicy, all harmonized with rich and subtle smoky undertones. It grows best in a moist, tropical climate. ...

Dhs 69.99

FORTE - a burley tobacco blend

Sensationally smooth and subtly sweet, Black Note's Forte features the full-bodied flavor for which burley tobacco has long been recognized. The tobacco is first cultivated in Naples’ fertile soils, then...

Dhs 69.99

THE ENSEMBLE - A savory group of vaping liquids

contains: 6 (six) 10 ml bottles(prelude, legato, sonata, forte, solo, quartet) A savory group of vaping liquids. The Ensemble Notebook is a collection of six distinct tobacco vaping liquid blends in...

Dhs 139.99

QUARTET - a Latakia tobacco blend

A rare blend with a remarkable flavor, Syrian Latakia tobacco is sun-cured and then smoke-cured using aromatic herbs and fragrant woodsy plants in controlled fires. The result is a peppery,...

Dhs 79.99

SOLO - a menthol /tobacco e-juice blend

Artificial flavors are never part of Black Note’s lineup, even with our e-liquid menthol blend. Enjoy a smooth-as-silk Virginia tobacco overlaid with a fresh menthol extract derived from genuine mint...

Dhs 69.99

LEGATO - earthy and nutty italian kentucky tobacco

Enjoy the earthy and nutty flavor of real Italian Kentucky tobacco, flue-cured to release the plant’s natural resins. This American tobacco blend is grown in Tuscany and features an undeniably...

Dhs 69.99

Encore - Isfahani Pipe Tobacco (Clearance)

The unique taste of Encore comes from Isfahani tobacco. Grown high in the mountains of central Iran, this variety produces thick leaves packed with flavour. These are sun-dried in the...

Dhs 69.99

Jazz - American Blend

This American blend gets its special flair from aged and fermented tobaccos in wine oak barrels, which adds woody and fruity tones to its overall essence. The extremely pleasant and...

Dhs 59.99

Rock - Italian Blend

A fire-cured Italian Kentucky blend is at the heart of this robust blend, the same variety of tobacco found in the Italian Toscano cigar. This distinctive blend maintains the unaltered...

Dhs 59.99

POP - English Blend

A fruity background works behind the scenes in this English blend, producing a fully aromatic experience reminiscent of pipe tobacco. This rich and relaxing blend is both pleasant and impressive,...

Dhs 59.99
Save 33% REGGAE - Menthol Blend

REGGAE - Menthol Blend

This American blend gets its special flair from aged and fermented tobaccos in wine oak barrels, which adds woody and fruity tones to its overall essence. The extremely pleasant and...

Dhs 39.99 Dhs 59.99

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